Sentry Knight 2
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Sentry Knight 2

Sentry Knight 2 is the thrilling sequel to the popular tower defense game that challenges you to defend your base against relentless waves of formidable enemies. As the lone sentry, you are stationed atop your tower, armed with only a bow and your wits, tasked with repelling an invasion of evil orcs, demons, and various monstrous invaders.

In this installment, the game elevates the combat experience by allowing you to employ an array of magical spells derived from ice, fire, or unholy skill trees. These powerful spells are essential for keeping the enemy at bay and inflicting maximum damage. Each enemy you face, from the cunning goblin cannoneers to relentless skeletons, requires quick thinking and strategic planning to defeat.

The game begins with you targeting a goblin cannoneer before he’s able to launch two deadly cannonballs your way. Since you can only sustain 125 points of damage, managing and minimizing the damage you receive is crucial for survival. As you progress, the importance of upgrading your tower becomes evident, enhancing your defensive and offensive capabilities.

“Sentry Knight 2” not only tests your defensive strategies but also immerses you in a vast campaign spanning three continents filled with a variety of enemies. With each victory, your abilities and arsenal will expand, allowing you to learn and master new spells that can turn the tide of battle.

The game features a comprehensive solo campaign packed with numerous upgrades and a highly rewarding “Survival” mode, which is unlocked upon completing the main campaign. Whether you’re strategizing the optimal use of spells, upgrading your tower, or simply trying to survive against overwhelming odds, “Sentry Knight 2” offers a deeply engaging and satisfying tower defense experience. It stands out as one of the best games in its genre, challenging players to rise to the occasion and defend their kingdom from impending doom.

Sentry Knight 2 is a flash game made by JWolfGames in 2014.

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