KBH Games is a online gaming portal that bring together all types and kind of games for free.

The purpose is for these games to be played by as many people as possible for as long as possible. Free and easy to access and play is the key.

  • Some are short mini-games developed by indie developers that just want their games to be played.
  • Same are demo and samples that serve as a promotion for the full game.
  • Some are open source games.
  • Some are freely distributed games.
  • Some are iFrame from other websites that we help distribute and share.
  • Some are classic retro games that is no longer in circulation.
  • Some are backup index of very old games, made playable again online for history purposes.
  • Some are game we made.
  • Some are game we licensed and made free for everyone to play.
  • Some are game we ported online for everyone to play. All free, just have fun!

Way Back machine for free online games…maybe?