Your Nurburgring Record
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Your Nurburgring Record

Your Nurburgring Record is a highly immersive car racing game that takes players to one of the most iconic racing circuits in the world—the Nurburgring. This game stands out for its precision and attention to detail, offering racing enthusiasts a digital recreation of the legendary track that mirrors the real-world experience.

The game features a vast selection of cars, ranging from high-performance sports cars to classic models, each meticulously modeled to reflect their real-life specifications and handling characteristics. Players can enjoy experimenting with different vehicles to find the one that best suits their driving style.

With its advanced graphics engine, “Your Nurburgring Record” delivers stunning visuals that enhance the realism of the racing experience. The scenery, track surface, and weather conditions are rendered with great detail, making each race feel genuinely lifelike.

Physics is another area where the game excels. It employs some of the most realistic physics simulation available in gaming today, ensuring that the handling of the cars responds authentically to the track’s challenging twists and turns. Players need to master the intricacies of each vehicle and the track itself to succeed.

“Your Nurburgring Record” also incorporates a competitive aspect through its leaderboard system. There are leaderboards for the fastest lap times achieved on the overall track, as well as leaderboards that rank players based on the best time for each specific car. This adds a layer of challenge and encourages players to continually improve their skills and strategies.

Overall, “Your Nurburgring Record” is more than just a racing game; it is a tribute to one of the most challenging circuits in the world. It offers both casual players and hardcore racing fans the opportunity to test their skills in a highly realistic and competitive environment, making every race an exciting quest for perfection. Whether you’re looking to set a new personal best or compete against the global community, this game promises endless hours of high-speed fun.


Your Nurburgring Record is developed by MishkaCompany.

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How to Play:

  • Drive and turn using arrows or WASD
  • For more accurate cornering, you can turn with the mouse (must be enabled in the settings)
  • Space – handbrake
  • R – rearrange
  • B – look back
  • C – change camera
  • Esc – pause menu