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Step into the exciting world of Voxiom.io, a 3D real-time multiplayer first-person voxel shooter with destructible maps! Drawing inspiration from popular titles like Minecraft, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty, Voxiom.io offers two thrilling game modes: capture the gems and battle royale. To emerge victorious, players must build, craft, and strategically shoot their way through the competition.

Game Modes: You get to choose between two awesome game modes – one where you capture gems, and another where it’s like a huge battle where only the last one standing wins!

Stuff you have: You also have this super cool backpack with slots for ammo, tools, and other important things. It’s like a treasure chest, and you need to make sure you have all the best stuff to win!

Crafting Fun: You can even make and upgrade your guns and blocks. It’s like building your own cool gear! If you want to make really fancy stuff, you can use a workbench. It’s like a crafting table where you make the coolest things!

Awesome Weapons: There are five types of weapons, and each one has its own color to show how super cool it is. The better the weapon, the stronger and faster it is! You can even aim really carefully to hit your target using the F key or right mouse button.

Blocks and Map Adventures: There are all sorts of blocks with different strengths. Some are easy to break, and others need a shovel. You can even find special blocks that drop gems – they’re like treasures for making cool things!

Every time you play, the game is different and full of surprises! But watch out for the shrinking fog that makes the game area smaller. We keep adding new things to make the game even more exciting!

Get ready for a super fun adventure with Voxiom.io – where you build, craft, and shoot your way to victory!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

W – move forward
S – move backward
A – move left
D – move right
Space bar – jump
X – open inventory (use mouse left click and right click to swap items)
Hold C – crouch
Hold Shift – sprint
Hold Tab – view map
Left Mouse Button – primary action on item: shoot / use item / consume Item
Right Mouse Button or F – secondary action on item: aim / switch block placement mode