Trigonometry Dash
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Trigonometry Dash

Trigonometry Dash is an exciting game inspired by the popular “Geometry Dash,” designed to challenge and engage players with its dynamic levels and gameplay. In “Trigonometry Dash,” players navigate a variety of levels, each filled with unique obstacles and rhythmic challenges that test their timing and reflexes.

What sets “Trigonometry Dash” apart is the inclusion of a level editor, allowing players to tap into their creativity by designing their own custom levels. This feature adds a significant layer of replayability and personalization, as players can create, share, and attempt levels made by others in the community.

Whether you’re playing through pre-designed courses or experimenting with your own level creations, “Trigonometry Dash” offers endless entertainment and opportunities to hone your skills in a fun, engaging environment. Perfect for fans of rhythmic platformers looking for a new twist on the formula.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

    • W / SPACE / UP to jump, boost, swap, and flap!
    • A / LEFT and D / RIGHT to move
    • S to move down with the wave
    • R to return to last checkpoint
    • ESC to pause
    • W / A / S / D to move the camera
    • SCROLL to zoom in or out
    • J to move the player start to the mouse position
    • LMB to place a tile
    • RMB to delete the tile
    • Q to rotate your selection counter-clockwise
    • E to rotate your selection clockwise
    • MMB in the air to make a selection
    • MMB on a tile to move the selection
    • DELETE to delete the selection
    • CTRL while moving a selection to move it in half increments
    • CTRL+SHIFT while moving a selection to move it in pixel perfect increments
    • CTRL while rotating a selection to snap it to the grid
    • G to toggle the grid