Transformers Battle For The City
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Transformers Battle For The City

“Transformers Battle For The City” is an exciting open-world game that’s a must-play for any Transformers fan! In this game, you take on the role of a heroic Transformer, equipped with combat gear, ready to defend the city from a robot invasion. You can choose your favorite Transformer and set out on thrilling missions to save the city.

The game features seven full-fledged story missions, each one more challenging than the last. Once you receive your mission, you’ll head to the battlefield where you can unleash your Transformer’s super-techniques to take down powerful robot villains. It’s a chance to show off your skills and ensure the safety of the city.

How to Play
Your main objective in the game is to complete various missions aimed at protecting the city. To succeed, you’ll need to accomplish each mission’s goals and defeat the robot villains. These villains are strong and dangerous, so you’ll need to stay alert and use your Transformer’s abilities wisely to avoid being destroyed and suffering defeat.

Embrace the challenge, transform into your favorite character, and dive into the action to keep the city safe from threats!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • The car:
    • WASD-Movement.
    • Space bar – Brake.
    • Left mouse button – shooting with machine guns.
    • T – Transformation into a robot.
    • Esc – Pause.
  • Robot:
    • WASD-Movement.
    • Left Shift – Running.
    • Left mouse button – Easy attack.
    • Right mouse button – Medium attack.
    • Middle mouse button – Heavy attack.
    • T – Transformation to a car.
    • Esc – Pause.