Tom & Jerry Food Thief
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Tom & Jerry Food Thief

Dive into the world of Tom and Jerry with the exciting new online game, “Food Thief,” where you help the clever mouse, Jerry, outwit Tom the cat. In this engaging game, Jerry is on a mission to satisfy his hunger by stealing cheese, and it’s up to you to ensure he doesn’t go to bed hungry.

In “Food Thief,” you’ll control Jerry as he descends through rooms and tunnels using a rope. The game utilizes the four arrow keys for navigation: the up and down keys to move the rope, and the left and right keys to rotate the room, guiding Jerry through the correct path to collect cheese. Your goal is to snag three pieces of cheese and reach the cake at the end of each level to advance.

The challenge intensifies as Tom appears in the second level, popping out of holes trying to catch Jerry. You’ll need to swiftly dodge Tom and avoid various traps and obstacles to succeed.

Get ready to master the levels, avoid Tom, and collect all the tasty treats. Stay tuned for more fun, as today’s theme on Cartoon Network Games promises more exciting gameplay experiences!

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