Tentacle Monster
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Tentacle Monster

Welcome to “Tentacle Monster,” a stealth puzzle game where you take control of a tentacle from a giant octopus-like monster. This creature has just woken up, and it’s driven by an insatiable hunger!

In this game, you must guide the monster’s long, powerful tentacles to sneak up on unsuspecting prey. The key is to stay hidden, avoiding detection at all costs while you hunt. With each successful sneak and snatch, you feed the monster’s eternal appetite.

Sneaky and Strategic Gameplay

As you navigate through the game, use stealth and cunning to maneuver around obstacles and stay out of sight. The challenge increases as you progress, requiring more thoughtful strategies and quick thinking.

Feed the Beast

Each level is a new opportunity to satisfy the monster’s hunger. Plan your moves carefully to capture the prey and advance without being spotted.

Created by MidHard Games, you can play “Tentacle Monster” on kbhgames.com. Dive into the depths of stealth and strategy as you help satisfy the hunger of a creature from the deep!

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