Teacher Simulator
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Teacher Simulator

Are you ready to step into the shoes of the best teacher in the world? Put your skills to the test and embark on an educational adventure in Teacher Simulator!

Immerse yourself in the daily life of a teacher as you explore the bustling world of the classroom. Prepare yourself with pencils in hand and be ready to provide answers to their questions while keeping a watchful eye on cheaters.

Teacher Simulator is a delightful simulation game that allows you to experience the joys and challenges of being an educator. Take on the role of a teacher, diligently marking exams and ensuring the students are well-behaved. As a former student, now it’s your turn to be in charge!

Get ready for the most realistic teaching experience as you impart essential life skills to your students. Answer burning questions like “what does LOL mean?” and equip them with valuable knowledge, including deciphering historical terms used in text messages by their parents.

Sharpen your pencils to the perfect level of precision and meticulously mark the students’ work. Evaluate their answers and provide feedback by placing ticks or X marks in each box, determining the correctness of their responses.

As you roam the halls, be prepared to discipline unruly students. This school is filled with mischievous rascals, but fear not! You have a range of measures at your disposal. Use archaic tactics like spraying them with a fire extinguisher or zapping them with a stun gun to ensure they fall in line and behave appropriately.

Keep a keen eye out for cheaters during exams. In this school, cheating, fighting, and misbehavior are prevalent challenges. It’s your duty as the teacher to uphold integrity and ensure a fair environment. Catch those who attempt to copy others’ work and prevent them from getting away with it under your watchful gaze.

Are you ready to take on the rewarding and demanding role of a teacher? Teacher Simulator awaits, where you’ll inspire young minds, maintain order, and shape the future generation. Get ready to make a difference in the lives of your students!


Teacher Simulator is developed by Kwalee Ltd.

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