Tangled: Double Trouble
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Tangled: Double Trouble

Embark on an Enchanting Adventure in Disney’s Tangled: Double Trouble

If you’re a fan of the charming Disney movie “Tangled,” then the “Tangled: Double Trouble” game is a thrilling platform-adventure that will capture your heart. Join the beloved characters Flynn and Rapunzel on a captivating mission to dodge the guards and reunite for their happily ever after.

In this engaging game, you’ll navigate through a series of levels filled with challenges that reflect the movie‚Äôs whimsical and adventurous spirit. The game’s setting spans dense forests, bustling village streets, and the majestic castle, each teeming with guards on the lookout for Flynn, who is wanted for his notorious thievery.

Gameplay Dynamics

As you alternate between controlling Flynn and Rapunzel in different stages, your task is to collect important items scattered throughout the levels. For Flynn, it’s all about dodging capture by collecting wanted posters of himself to reduce his visibility to the guards. Meanwhile, Rapunzel needs to gather flowers, adding a layer of challenge and strategy to her levels.

Controls and Strategies

  • Flynn’s Moves: Navigate Flynn using the Left and Right arrow keys for running. Utilize the Up arrow to jump or climb trees, and the Down arrow to slide under obstacles. Avoid guards by running or climbing where they can’t follow, and use bushes for hiding by pressing and holding the Spacebar, which can also trigger mechanisms to temporarily incapacitate the guards.
  • Rapunzel’s Journey: Similar to Flynn, use the arrow keys to move Rapunzel and collect flowers. The Spacebar enables her to use her long hair to reach higher platforms or distant flowers, adding a unique twist to her gameplay.

Interactive Elements and Tips

The environment is interactive, allowing players to utilize elements like bushes and mechanisms to aid in their escape. Each character’s journey offers unique obstacles and aids, fitting their personalities and stories from the film.

Are you prepared to steer these iconic characters to safety through inventive use of their surroundings and quick thinking? “Tangled: Double Trouble” promises a blend of action and adventure with the enchanting touch of Disney storytelling. Join Flynn and Rapunzel on this exciting platformer adventure and help them evade the guards to find their way back to each other!


Tangled: Double Trouble is developed by disney.

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