TABS War Battle Simulator
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TABS War Battle Simulator

Hey there, welcome to TABS War Battle Simulator – the ultimate battle game!  There are two super fun modes to play: Campaign and Sandbox.

In Campaign mode, you get some in-game money to build your own awesome army and take down the bad guys. It’s like a cool strategy game!

Then, there’s Sandbox mode where there are no limits! You can build BIG armies with no money worries. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild!

Once you’re all set, you place your armies on opposite sides of the map. When you hit “Start,” the battle kicks off, and both armies charge in to attack each other. It’s like a super epic showdown!

As soon as one army is defeated, the battle stops, and you find out who’s the ultimate winner. Get ready for battles, strategy, and tons of fun! Are you up for the challenge?


TABS War Battle Simulator is developed by VSEGON.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • PC:
    • WASD – camera control.
    • Mouse – camera view (only in battle mode).
    • F – free camera before the battle starts.
    • T – slow down time in battle mode.
    • ESC – exit combat mode.
  • Mobile devices:
    • Left side of the screen for camera movement.
    • Right side of the screen for camera view (only in battle mode).
    • Buttons on the screen.