Subway Surfers: Hong Kong
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Subway Surfers: Hong Kong

Subway Surfers the Hong Kong edition, get ready to explore the enchanting landscapes of the Far East and have an exciting adventure in the latest game installment of Subway Surfers: Hong Kong! Experience the thrill of riding a flying scooter through the treacherous train tracks of this magnificent Chinese metropolis while being chased by security officers. Include new Kung Du Outfit, new characters, and new hoverboard.

Test your agility and quick reflexes as you dodge obstacles like walls, fences, and fast-moving trains while leaving behind your graffiti signature on the station trains. Immerse yourself in an exciting new chapter where you must navigate the hidden alleys and corners of one of the most captivating cities in all of Asia. Gather as many gold coins as you can to level up your game and outsmart the security guards to escape from jail while enjoying your favorite pastime. Good luck on your adventure!

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