Sonic the Hedgehog: Save The Moon
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Save The Moon

Once upon a time in the South Island, the mischievous Dr. Robotnik got his hands on the elusive seventh chaos emerald – the very last one he needed! His wicked plan? Escape to the moon and set up a base with the powerful emerald.

Enter Sonic, the speedy hero! He caught wind of Robotnik’s scheme and decided to embark on an adventure across every nook and cranny of the South Island. His mission? Find the old factory where Robotnik was hiding and the spot where the villain was launching his rocket to the moon.

Let’s check out the demo zones:

  • Pine Fields: Dive into a gorgeous lake surrounded by pine trees and tricky badniks. The paths split, so choose wisely!
  • Forest Ruins: Navigate through an eerie forest of ancient ruins and dense waters. Watch out for bubble monitors and generators – it’s dark, claustrophobic, and oxygen is in short supply.
  • Pinball City: Sonic arrives in a massive city adorned with radiant lights and vibrant colors. But beware – it’s packed with enemies, traps, and treacherous spikes.
  • Metalic Factory: Dr. Robotnik’s secret lair! Explore a colossal factory filled with seesaws, spike columns, twists, and traps galore. Can Sonic thwart Robotnik’s evil plans?


  • Made by Super_Sonic_321. Check out the SHC2023 entry.
    • Music and SFX- SMPSConv, Project2612 page
    • Graphics – Me, spriters and TheDarkParadox assets, (S1, S2, S2B, Tom Payne Enemies, SCD, S3, Dr robotnik mean bean machine, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, World of Illusion, Quackshot, Dashin’ Desperadoes, McDonald Treasure Land and Dynamite Headdy Graphics)
    • Coding – Me, SSRG and Sonic retro
    • Tools – SonMapEd, SonED2, SMPSConv, Selbi’s Sonic 1 text code generator
    • Devon SCD dissam – Sonic Title screen maps and code
    • Vladikcomper – Mega PCM, Improved Level Transitions and Water Skimming
    • Nineko – Eggman Monitor in game and Play different songs on different acts
    • SoullessSentinel – Expanded Music Slots
    • Kilo – Fix debug mode, SCD Roll-Jump fix
    • SSRG Mini-tutorials Thread free codes – SCD like explosions
    • Inferno – Air roll code
    • TheFieldWarrior – slow ducking
    • chobocoda – extend title screen duration
    • redhotsonic and Luigi Hero – Better ObjectMove Subroutines, Scattered Rings Underwater Physics, Accidental Deletion of Scattered Rings and Speed Up Ring Loss Process tutorial
    • ProjectFM – Sonic 2 Splash and Skid Dust in s1
    • SS321 OC in SUPER SONIC PRESENT – Coffinily
    • SCHG – Spin dash in S1 tutorial by Lightning and Puto, Nineko’s music per act tutorial
    • MarkeyJester – Extend the Sonic 1 sprite mappings and art limit Tutorial and better fade outs
    • EddyTF – winnig pose code
    • Nat The Porcupine – SCD camera code
    • Vladikcomper – How to add Water Skimming
    • FraGag – New zone in S1 tutorial
    • jubbalub – restore unused burned S1 death (unused, but I have left it internally in game)

Just Have Fun!