Sonic Primo
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Sonic Primo

Check out this super cool Sonic fan game! Get ready for a super speedy adventure with Sonic Primo and his buddy Tails. It’s like stepping into one of the most awesome classic games ever!

Enjoy two zones: Crimson City Zone and Trap Temples Zone.

Uh-oh, the mean Eggman took all of Sonic’s money! Now Sonic’s on a mission to get it all back. Can you help him dodge all the tricky obstacles and beat those baddies? It’s a wild experience, and you’ll have a blast exploring the world, showing off your courage, and having the best time ever!


  • Shield DPLC code and Sonic 3 Object System in Sonic 2 by lavagaming1
  • Sonic & Tails Sprites by CartoonAnimates22
  • Devon for smooth rings and some bugfixes
  • Linkin Park for Breaking The Habit
  • Flamewing for SMPS2ASM
  • S3K ring manager from sonic retro guide, with attracted rings, with some porting help by lavagaming1
  • Sonic 3 Drum samples
  • Some S1 and S3K level art
  • Devon for some help with the different music per act thing
  • RobiWanKenobi for everything else
  • A entry for Sonic 2023 hacking contest. View Entry here

Just Have Fun!