Sonic 2 Archives
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Sonic 2 Archives

Sonic 2 Archives” is an innovative hack of the classic “Sonic The Hedgehog 2,” aiming to breathe new life into the beloved game by restoring and incorporating a myriad of unused concepts, early designs, and prototype elements that never made it to the final release. This project delves deep into the rich history of Sonic’s development, bringing to light the “Present” timeline and reimagining zones with a blend of nostalgia and fresh creativity.


  • Emerald Hill: The iconic starting point of Sonic 2 retains its charm while integrating subtle enhancements to graphics and music that nod to its initial design intentions.
  • Ocean Wind: A work-in-progress zone that promises to introduce fans to new aquatic adventures, drawing inspiration from concept arts and early game designs.
  • Jungle Woods (aka Secret Woods/Wood Zone): This zone, once left on the cutting room floor, is brought to life with lush graphics and immersive music, embodying the mystery and allure originally envisioned.
  • Sand Shower (aka Dust Hill/Desert Zone): Known by various names, this zone undergoes a transformation to more closely resemble its early iterations, complete with desert landscapes and enhanced aesthetics.
  • Metropolis Zone: Even this well-known zone sees alterations, bringing it closer to its earlier designs and refreshing its visual and auditory presentation.


  • Unique Graphics and Music for Each Act: Diversifying the sensory experience of each level, making every act feel distinct.
  • Introduction of New Zones: Expanding the Sonic universe with the addition of Ocean Wind, Jungle Woods, and Sand Shower, each designed with unique challenges and aesthetics.
  • Early Iterations Brought to Life: Zones now more closely reflect their concept art and prototype stages, offering a glimpse into what could have been.
  • Musical Enhancements: The soundtrack undergoes significant updates, incorporating new tracks and revisions that draw inspiration from Masato Nakamura’s demos and beta versions.
  • New Boss Challenges: Players will face off against creatively reimagined bosses, adding to the game’s challenge and intrigue.
  • Sprite Updates: Sonic and Tails receive sprite redesigns, adding freshness to their appearance and animations.
  • Gameplay Innovations: New features like wall recoil and Tails’ ability to fly enhance gameplay dynamics, offering new ways to navigate the zones.
  • Enhanced Presentation: From the title screen to an island map feature reminiscent of “Super Mario World”


  • Team leader and base for everything and everywhere, project coordinator: Nik Pi
  • Coding of half stuff: SERGK393
  • Coding of other half: lavagaming1
  • Coding of sound driver, sega and sound test screens: TheBlad768
  • Half of Tails art, and music for Ocean Wind, Hidden Palace, and first act of Metropolis: Toxic Foxtrot
  • HPZ bg by Sapristi45
  • Art for title screen Sonic and Tails, most of parts of Metropolis act 1 bg and Ocean Wind zone: Pacca The Satyr
  • Art that you hasn’t saw in this demo, but will see in next demos: Miles Tails Power and Super Sonic 321!
  • Wood zone theme: vertz
  • Some coding: RobiWanKenobi and MattGamer205
  • Sand Shower zone graphics by E-122-Psi
  • Region Coded Sonic & Tails Screen: RobiWanKenobi
  • Testing: EddyTF, retroshaffer, DarkShamilKhan, Lion Sum, CaioST, WeeNeer/Lay’s, Bonnie Bun-Buns

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