Smash Auto Crash
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Smash Auto Crash

Get ready to buckle up for some intense action in “Smash Auto Crash”! In this thrilling car game, you’re put to the test in a real crash course. Your mission is simple but challenging: make it to the finish line despite numerous obstacles designed to crush your car into scrap metal.

Experience the game in stunning 3D with realistic driving physics that make every move count. Watch as your car realistically deforms and breaks apart in crashes, witnessing the complete destruction of vehicles in detailed collisions. The controls mimic real-life driving simulators, adding to the immersion.

Your goal in “Smash Auto Crash” is to navigate through a track filled with destructive obstacles like presses and giant hammers. You’ll need to master the controls and harness your driving skills to avoid being turned into a pile of metal. Reach the finish line with your vehicle as intact as possible to succeed.

Test your nerves and driving prowess in this ultimate crash challenge!

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