Red – Blue Leader
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Red – Blue Leader

“Red – Blue Leader” is a thrilling game that brings back the classic style of old-school shooters, but with a modern twist using artificial intelligence. It’s designed to be easy for anyone to pick up and play, yet it remains exciting for gamers of all skill levels!

In this game, you can battle it out as an infantryman, or take control of ground vehicles, helicopters, and even watercraft. The game features active physics, including ragdoll effects, which add a mix of tactical strategy and a bit of silly fun. When soldiers are damaged, they drop blood splatters in their team’s color, marking the battlefield dramatically.

The main goal is to score more points than the other team. You can do this by grabbing flags and making sure you tag out the other team’s players. Every time you grab a flag, not only does it give your team extra spots to join back in the game, but it also makes each enemy you tag out worth even more points! There‚Äôs a scoreboard that shows which team is winning, and you can win the game by getting the highest score or by grabbing all the flags on the map.

Ready to lead your team to victory? Check out “Red – Blue Leader” on and see how many points you can score!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Normal Controls
    • WASD + mouse – control your character
    • QE – lean
    • Enter – bring up the in-game drop down menu
    • C – crouch
    • Shift – sprint
    • Aim at the seat + F – enter/exit the vehicle
  • Helicopter:
    • WS – throttle
    • AD – rudder (yaw)
    • Vertical mouse – pitch
    • Horizontal mouse – turn
  • Caps lock – super slow motion