Quetzal Edition
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Quetzal Edition

Quetzal Edition is a is a fanmade pokemon game! It’s like taking a trip down memory lane but with new and exciting features. Get ready to explore the Quetzal region, meet brand new Pokémon, and see better graphics that make the game even more fun!

Build your dream work with a lot of options and exciting storyline.

  1.  Customizable number of accompanying Pokemon (0-6)
  2.  Playable character selection: Brendan, May, Gold, Red, Ash, and Gloria, plus 7 additional characters in v0.6.4 (Elio, Lucas, Rei, Steven, Rocket Grunt, Magma Grunt, and Victor)
  3.  44 different starter Pokemon to choose from
  4.  Trading capabilities with other players regardless of their location
  5.  Engage in individual, double, and multiple battles against other players from anywhere
  6.  Co-op mode for battling alongside other trainers in double battles
  7.  Spectator mode allows you to watch the game with other players and even participate
  8.  Obtain all first to third-generation Pokemon without inter-game trading, including legendaries
  9.  Use HMs outside of battle without needing to teach them to your Pokemon

made by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXn1TCTDN5Or6MsQHyUX2Eg

Just Have Fun!