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Hey there, Pokémon fans! If you love Pokemon and Fire Emblem, then you’re in for a treat with Pokemblem! It’s a super cool Pokémon-themed Fire Emblem game created by Vesly. In this game, you’ll explore the Kanto region and use your tactical skills to defeat lots of Rattata and other Pokémon on your way to becoming the absolute best, just like no one ever was! Get ready for a fantastic adventure where you can be a true Pokémon master!

updated to v1.09


  • Battle with your whole party at once
  • Devise strategies to take down the toughest foes
  • Randomizer option
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Fast-paced


Vesly, Scub, Huichelaar, Tequila, circles, Sme, 7743, Zaim, N426, Zoramine

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