Plants vs Zombies Online
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Plants vs Zombies Online

Plants vs. Zombies Online is a fan-made recreation version of the popular 2009 tower defense game “Plants vs. Zombies,” developed by PopCap Games. This online adaptation allows players to experience the classic gameplay with the convenience of internet accessibility.

In “Plants vs. Zombies,” players protect their suburban home from waves of zombies by strategically placing a variety of plants on a grid that spans the lawn. Each plant offers unique defensive abilities, such as shooting peas, exploding on contact, or blocking zombie progress. The game challenges players to adapt their strategies based on the distinct behaviors and vulnerabilities of different zombie types. For instance, a Balloon Zombie can bypass ground defenses unless taken down by a Cactus, and a Dancing Zombie can summon Backup Dancers to increase its threat.

Gameplay involves selecting a limited set of plant types via seed packets at the start of each level. Plants require “sun” as currency for placement, which can be gathered from sun icons that appear randomly over the lawn or generated by specific plants like Sunflowers and Sun-shrooms. The rate at which players can deploy these plants is governed by recharge times, adding an additional layer of strategy.

Players are equipped with a shovel to remove plants if necessary, allowing for tactical adjustments during play. Additionally, each lane is equipped with a single-use lawnmower (or similar device for pool and roof levels) that serves as a last line of defense. If a zombie reaches the end of a lane and triggers this device, it destroys all zombies in that lane. However, if another zombie makes it to the end of the lane afterward, the player must restart the level.

“Plants vs. Zombies Online” maintains the core mechanics and charm of the original game while providing an accessible platform for fans to play from anywhere.

Updated with a lot of new features and levels.

Original fan-made by LonelyStar and Jiangnan Game Development Company. The modded version is by ROBLNET13 and ClaytonTDM.


Plants vs Zombies Online is developed by popcap.

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