Plants vs Zombies 2 on MIT Scratch
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Plants vs Zombies 2 on MIT Scratch

Plants vs Zombies 2 on MIT Scratch is a fan-created version of the popular “Plants vs Zombies 2” game, developed using the MIT Scratch game engine by Super Gold Ryan. This inventive adaptation allows players to defend their front lawn from a zombie invasion using a variety of garden plants. Classic plants like the sunflower and peashooters are at your disposal, along with other creative plant defenses that help fend off the advancing zombies.

This game maintains the charming and strategic gameplay of the original series while introducing unique elements through the Scratch platform. Players can expect to strategize plant placements and manage resources like sunlight, which are crucial for growing plants and keeping the zombies at bay. It’s a great way for fans of the original game to experience the fun and challenge of “Plants vs Zombies” in a new and accessible way, encouraging both creativity and strategic thinking.

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