Night Light
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Night Light

Night Light is a captivating puzzle platformer game that immerses players in a unique and challenging adventure. In this game, you guide two characters, Night and Light, each with special abilities, through a series of intricate puzzles in various rooms.

The central mechanic revolves around managing light and shadows. Night, a character who cannot touch sunlight, relies on Light to create shadows for safe passage. This involves strategic placement and movement of Light to cast shadows that Night can use to navigate through levels without being exposed to sunlight.

Additionally, Night possesses the strength to push objects around the environment, which is crucial for solving puzzles and unlocking new areas. This ability, combined with Light’s control over shadows, requires players to think creatively and synergistically to progress.

Each room presents unique puzzles that challenge players to utilize both characters’ abilities effectively. As you advance, the puzzles become more complex, testing your problem-solving skills and ability to coordinate between Night and Light.

“Night Light” offers a blend of thoughtful puzzle design, engaging mechanics, and a unique narrative approach, making it an intriguing experience for players looking for a game that combines strategy, teamwork, and creativity.

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