Mrs. Hop! Hop!
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Mrs. Hop! Hop!

Mrs. Hop! Hop! is an adorable platform game where your main task is to grab as many carrots as you can! In this game, you play as a cute rabbit that can switch between two forms: during the day, you’re a small rabbit, and at night, you transform into a cute bunny lady! The level itself also changes a bit with each switch between day and night.

This game was creatively developed by Brain-dead Rabbit Games for the #NoticeMe game jam and was made in just two weeks! You’ll help Mrs. Hop Hop jump to reach her carrots by using WASD or the Arrow Keys to aim her jumps. To make the leap, press J or Z. But be careful to dodge the obstacles and avoid falling off edges!

If you touch a red flag, you’ll respawn there if you hit a hazard or fall off the level. As you progress, you’ll need to use the yellow and blue Sun and Moon power-ups to switch between day and night. At night, you can move around more freely and even wall-jump using the same controls. But watch out—zombies come out at night! During the day, watch out for enemies with crossbows and stay out of their sight before they can shoot!

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