Mario Maker (MIT Scratch)
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Mario Maker (MIT Scratch)

A very cool Super Mario Marker made using the MIT Scratch game making engine.

Make your own Mario platformer game using the tools. Unleash your imagination. Make it easy or hard.

Create  generating a code to share with anyone you like. You must complete what you had created first before the code is generated.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Arrows keys or WASD to move around

Crouch move left and right

press c or w to jump, press z,

space or e to hold items (e.g. shells, p-switch, springs).

Press up arrow or w to go through doors.

press x to do a spin jump,

press P to pause,

G to restart the level (aka, die), and in editor mode,

press C to show a list so you can copy the id/x and y that the cursor is currently on.

1) For Share your level, click on Share, on the Clap. You need to clear it to get your level code and next share it. So when you play a level, it should be possible to clear, but it is possible to get some impossible levels. ( by hacking them for example ).
For avoid that, your able to watch the gameplay code, ( you will see how the creator clear his level ) in : Green Flag => Play => Watch a Gameplay.

2) If you want save and continue a level later, there is a easy way :
– Set the exit block next to the spawn-point
– Next, clear the level, and save your “level code”
– When you want edit it, enter the level code in “Play a Level” ( Green Flag => Play => Play a Level ).
– Finally, click on “Download” for open the level in the editor.