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In the horror platformer game Mario.EXE, players embark on a dark and ominous journey with a diabolical twist on the beloved character from the Mario Bros. series. This version of Mario has wreaked havoc, unleashing chaos and dragging numerous souls to hell. The game challenges you to navigate through perilous and sinister environments, relentlessly pursuing Mario’s archenemy.

As you progress, you must jump skillfully, collect power-ups, and test your reflexes to survive in this terrifying setting. The game’s world is one of the most daunting and eerie you’ll encounter, filled with dangers that require quick thinking and fast reactions. Your mission is to rescue countless innocent souls while striving to keep Mario alive through the harrowing adventure.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Left Arrows – Move Left
  • Arrows right – Move right
  • Up Arrow – Jump
  • Shift Button – Run