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Make It Meme

Make It Meme is a multiplayer online game where people from all over the world compete to create the funniest meme.

When the game starts, each player gets a random meme and has to come up with a funny caption within the given time. Every player then has 15 seconds to rate these meme creations.

Whoever has collected the most points at the end wins!

Game Modes:

  • Normal Mode:
    • Each player gets a random meme and has to think of the text for it. Afterwards, the players rate each other’s memes and award their Meme Buddy. Whoever collects the most points wins.
  • Same Meme:
    • Each round, all players get the same meme and have to come up with their own text for it. The rest is the same as in the game mode “Normal”.
  • Relaxed Mode:
    • No time limit while creating and you can change your meme. Memes are not judged, just enjoyed. No stress, maximum creative freedom.


  • Developers:
  • Avatar Artists:
  • Translators:
    • Kurencos
    • Mads
    • Sandro Wahl
    • Janet
    • Jonas Froch, Melodie
    • Janet, EdViaz
    • Kurencos
    • Jakub Bilski
    • Jakub Bilski
    • Renzo Nogaredi
    • G0pnik, Rethi
    • Kurencos
    • brienneoftarth
    • 999Aggelos
    • derMegaFrameHD
    • geo
    • VIP King (донатьте на ЗСУ)
    • Idan Rinat
    • Pingu, RSP ANES
    • Jingyeong Kim
    • Himawari
    • 张若禹

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