Infiltrating the Airship
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Infiltrating the Airship

Today, Henry Stickman has a brand-new mission from the top military leaders. He needs to sneak into and control the Airship before the bad guys can do it. He has lots of cool gadgets to help, but he can’t decide on his own.

Are you ready to make smart choices and help Ralph the stickman in this game to reach his goals? Ralph wants to sneak into a big airship to catch the tricky Henry, the bad guy. You need to use your brain to help him pick the right things to do so he can succeed.

Infiltrating the Airship is made by the same people who made other fun games like Breaking the Bank, Fleeing the Complex, and Escaping the Prison. This time, you’ll face a whole new adventure.

In the game, you get to choose what Ralph should do at each step, and your choices decide how the story goes. Will he use C4 to get in? Or maybe he’ll try a jar of acid or just knock on the hatch? Each choice either helps him move forward or makes something funny happen. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You can go back and try again.

If you want to have a good time, laugh a lot, and use your brain, give Infiltrating the Airship a shot!

This flash game was made by Puffballs United sometime in 2013. Now 10 years later, it is playable again on the modern web browser thanks to


Infiltrating the Airship is developed by Puff balls United.

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