Idle Hotel Empire
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Idle Hotel Empire

Dive into the world of hospitality management with “Hotel Empire Tycoon,” an engaging idle tycoon simulation game where you can build and expand your very own hotel empire. Available to play on KBHGAMES.COM, this game challenges you to cater to a diverse range of customer needs by constructing various types of hotel floors.

Start by building basic amenities like standard hotel rooms for average guests and café bistros for dining. As you progress, you can unlock more sophisticated accommodations such as deluxe rooms, VIP suites, and the opulent presidential suite, each designed to attract different types of guests, from business travelers to celebrities.

The game doesn’t just stop at room construction. Add specialized facilities like meeting rooms for business clients, infinity pools for leisure seekers, and gym and fitness rooms for health-conscious guests to boost your hotel’s appeal and profitability.

Efficiently manage your hotel staff by controlling their movements with elevators, ensuring they collect and deliver cash promptly to the reception. This critical aspect of gameplay enhances the strategic management experience as you aim to optimize operations and revenue.


Idle Hotel Empire is developed by MarketJS.

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