Ice drop: GTA 5 Online
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Ice drop: GTA 5 Online

Ice drop: GTA 5 Online offers an exhilarating challenge for players looking to test their driving prowess on treacherously slippery ice. This mode transforms the game’s environment into a frosty, slippery battlefield where precision driving is pushed to the limits. Players must navigate across wide chasms, execute daring tricks, and speed past competitors in a race against time to reach the finish line.

As you skid across the ice, maintaining control of your vehicle becomes a thrilling exercise in skill and patience. The mode is not only about speed but also about mastering the art of car handling under the most challenging conditions. Each turn and trick becomes a test of your ability to anticipate and react to the unpredictable nature of icy surfaces.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Control:
    • WASD, arrows – movement,
    • TAB – pause,
    • F – auto restoration,
    • Space – handbrake,
    • C – change camera view.
  • Air control:
    • W – forward tilt,
    • A – tilt to the left,
    • S – tilt back,
    • D – tilt to the right.