Home Pin 2: Family Adventure
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Home Pin 2: Family Adventure

“Home Pin 2: Family Adventure” immerses players in a captivating narrative within the confines of a mysterious manor. In this chapter, players embark on a heartwarming journey filled with challenges and story-driven gameplay. Unlike many games plagued by misleading promotions, this pull-pin game genuinely delivers an engaging experience centered around family and resilience.

The game unfolds with the story of a mother and her daughter, unjustly expelled from their home, seeking refuge in a desolate manor. As the cold weather threatens their survival, players are tasked with using their strategic wit to solve pin puzzles that will secure essential resources like matchboxes and charcoal, and even discover treasures to revitalize the manor.

“Home Pin 2: Family Adventure” stands out as a free-to-play game that not only challenges players with its puzzles but also draws them into a deeply narrative-driven experience. Each level completed unravels part of the family’s story and rewards players with the opportunity to unlock and refurbish new areas of their dream manor, making every puzzle a step towards uncovering the manor’s hidden mysteries.


  • Strategy is key as players decide the sequence to pull pins, aiming to safely acquire essential items without endangering the family.
  • As you progress, you’ll unlock new furnishings and areas, gradually transforming the dilapidated manor into a dream home.
  • The currency earned through gameplay fuels the renovation of the manor, allowing players to personalize their restoration journey.

With its unique blend of puzzle mechanics, engaging storyline, and home renovation elements, “Home Pin 2: Family Adventure” offers an immersive gameplay experience that goes beyond mere entertainment, inviting players to partake in a tale of survival, home-building, and family unity.

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