Granny 2 Original
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Granny 2 Original

Dive into the eerie world of Granny 2 Original, a thrilling sequel that brings even more chills and challenges to the escape room genre. In this heart-stopping adventure, not only must you outwit Granny, but Grandpa has also joined to heighten the terror. They’ve infiltrated your home, setting sinister traps in every corner, compelling you to find a way out before it’s too late.

The game elevates the horror experience by blending tension-filled gameplay with intricate puzzles that you must solve to discover potential escape routes. Each corner of the house holds clues that will lead you to freedom, but beware—Granny and Grandpa are always on patrol, and any noise can attract their unwanted attention.

As you navigate through the dark corridors and creepy rooms, you’ll find various weapons. These can temporarily incapacitate your pursuers, giving you precious moments to advance towards your escape. However, time is of the essence. You have only five nights to make your getaway, and with each passing night, the stakes get higher. If you’re caught, you’ll start the subsequent night with a limp, making your efforts to flee even more difficult.

The urgency to escape quickly is paramount. Each night spent under Granny and Grandpa’s watchful eyes diminishes your chances of escape and survival. The game not only tests your problem-solving skills but also challenges your ability to stay calm under pressure. Will you manage to unravel the mysteries, dodge the traps, and outsmart the eerie duo to reclaim your freedom? Step into Granny 2 Original and prepare for an intense blend of horror and mystery where every decision could be your last.

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How to Play:

  • * WASD – walk
  • * E – interact with objects
  • * C – sit down/stand up
  • * R – hide if there is somewhere nearby
  • * Space – throw an item
  • *Hold F to get out of the trap