Getting Over With Hammer
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Getting Over With Hammer

“Getting Over With Hammer” is an engaging fan-made game inspired by the popular title “Getting Over It.” In this challenging adventure, players are tasked with helping the main character, who finds himself stuck in a pot with only a hammer to aid him to reach the top of a mountain.

Gameplay Mechanics: To navigate the treacherous terrain and ascend the mountain, you must master the use of the hammer. This tool is not just for swinging; it’s essential for grabbing onto various objects and pulling yourself up. Coordination between the hammer’s grip and the character’s leg movements is crucial for overcoming the obstacles and puzzles that lie in your path.

Challenges: Each level introduces increasingly complex puzzles and obstacles, requiring precise control and strategic planning. The game demands a high level of dexterity and patience, as mastering the hammer is key to progression. As you advance, you’ll find that each stage tests not only your physical coordination but also your mental resilience.

Objective: The ultimate goal is to reach the peak of the mountain. This journey is filled with frustration and triumph, as each failed attempt teaches you more about the mechanics and nuances of the game. Success in “Getting Over With Hammer” relies on your ability to adapt and improve your technique with the hammer.

Whether you’re a fan of physics-based puzzle games or looking for a test of your gaming skills, “Getting Over With Hammer” provides a uniquely challenging experience that combines problem-solving with precise physical coordination. Prepare to embark on a journey that’s as rewarding as it is infuriating, pushing you to the limits of your gaming abilities.

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How to Play:

Change the language to ENGLISH by clicking on the gear tool button at the top left corner and selecting the America flag.

Use your mouse to control the virtual joystick on screen to move your character.