Funny Shooter Bro
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Funny Shooter Bro

Funny Shooter Bro is a web-based FPS game made by FreezeNova where humor meets high-stakes action. In this game, you’ll face off against quirky enemies known as Redmen, who are notoriously hostile towards strangers. With a cartoonish art style and wacky sound effects, this game puts a light-hearted spin on the traditional first-person shooter.

As you start the game, you are dropped into a vividly designed map armed only with your trusty weapon. Your primary task is to navigate through the town, where every corner could hide a new threat. The Redmen are vigilant and will attack in droves with their sticks at the first sight of an intruder.

The gameplay is straightforward but thrilling:

  • Begin by pressing play to launch into the first of ten unique levels.
  • Follow the red dots that appear on your screen to locate the Redmen.
  • Engage in fast-paced shootouts as groups of enemies charge towards you.
  • Keep an eye on your health bar, as the Redmen will attempt to swarm and overpower you.
  • Progress through increasingly difficult levels, each presenting new environments and challenges.
  • Culminate your adventure by facing the boss of the Redmen in a formidable showdown.

With every level, the enemies become more aggressive, testing your shooting precision and tactical skills. Can you make it through all ten levels and overcome the final boss? “Funny Shooter Bro” promises a blend of laughs and adrenaline-packed action, perfect for those looking for a light yet engaging FPS experience.


Funny Shooter Bro is developed by FreezeNova.

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How to Play:

  • Move: WASD Keys
  • Look Around: Mouse
  • Shoot: Left-Click
  • Aim: Right-Click
  • Reload: R
  • Throw a Grenade: G
  • Run: Left Shift
  • Pause: Tab