Fleeing the Complex
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Fleeing the Complex

“Fleeing the Complex” is a captivating stick figure escape game that thrusts players into a high-stakes scenario where failure is not an option. Set within the confines of a highly fortified prison, the game’s protagonist, Henry Stickmin, finds himself needing to not just escape from his own cell but to navigate through the labyrinth of security and outwit the guards to gain his freedom from the complex altogether. Awaiting failure is the grim prospect of death, making the stakes incredibly high and the need for strategic thinking and quick decision-making paramount.

An Immersive Escape Adventure

Released in 2015, “Fleeing the Complex” stands as the fifth installment in the engaging Henry Stickmin series, following the tales of “Breaking the Bank,” “Escaping the Prison,” “Stealing the Diamond,” and “Infiltrating the Airship.” Each game builds upon the narrative of Henry Stickmin’s audacious escapades, with “Fleeing the Complex” presenting the most daring escape yet. The game is a thrilling blend of strategy, wit, and quick reflexes, challenging players to choose their paths, tools, and allies wisely.

Strategic Choices at Every Turn

The essence of “Fleeing the Complex” lies in its interactive gameplay that requires players to make split-second decisions that could either pave the way to freedom or lead to their untimely demise. The game’s design cleverly integrates multiple choice paths and scenarios, each with its own set of challenges and potential outcomes. Players must utilize their surroundings, recruit the help of both old and new characters, and navigate through a series of choices, some of which may lead to immediate failure.

Engaging Storyline and Gameplay

“Fleeing the Complex” seamlessly connects to its predecessors, maintaining continuity in Henry Stickmin’s storyline while introducing new elements and challenges. The unpredictable nature of the game, where not all choices are obvious, and some may lead to instant “fails,” adds to the excitement and replayability. As players delve deeper into the game, they will uncover various endings based on the decisions made, encouraging exploration of all possible scenarios.


“Fleeing the Complex” is more than just a game; it’s an interactive adventure that tests players’ strategic thinking and decision-making skills under pressure. As the latest chapter in Henry Stickmin’s saga, it offers a compelling narrative, engaging gameplay, and the thrilling challenge of escaping from the most secure prison. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or a newcomer seeking an exhilarating escape adventure, “Fleeing the Complex” promises a memorable and enjoyable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From the creator of Infiltrating the AirshipDig 2 China, and Lucky Tower comes another awesome stick figure interactive fiction game: Fleeing the Complex.

Fleeing the Complex is a flash game made in 2015 by Puffballs United. Now it is playable online game.


Fleeing the Complex is developed by Puff balls United.

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