Regular Show: Fist Punch
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Regular Show: Fist Punch

Fist Punch: A Regular Show Adventure You Can’t Miss

If you’re a fan of the Regular Show series, Fist Punch is a game you definitely shouldn’t miss! Mordecai and Rigby planned to spend a relaxing day at the coffee shop, enjoying coffee, food, and fun. However, their day takes a dramatic turn when an evil character known as Night Owl kidnaps their friend.

Determined to save their friend, Mordecai and Rigby transform into superheroes, ready to take on Night Owl and his crew. In this thrilling adventure, help Mordecai and Rigby battle their way through enemies, using their unique skills to rescue their friend. Just as any of us would do anything to help a good friend in need, join Mordecai and Rigby in their mission to defeat Night Owl and bring their friend back safely.

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