FE8: Code of the Burger King
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FE8: Code of the Burger King

“Code of the Burger King” is a playful and humorous hack of “Fire Emblem 8,” infusing the classic tactical role-playing game with a quirky narrative and plenty of meme-driven humor. This creative modification transforms the original game’s atmosphere by centering on a whimsical storyline involving a knight who, tired of the monotony of fast-food employment, embarks on an epic quest for redemption and self-discovery.

The game cleverly integrates familiar meme references and fast-food culture into its gameplay mechanics and dialogue, providing a fresh and entertaining twist on the traditional “Fire Emblem” experience. Players can expect a unique blend of tactical gameplay and lighthearted, comedic elements that poke fun at both modern internet culture and the often-serious tone of fantasy narratives.


  • A tale of one knight’s quest for vindication after working far too long in fast food!
  • A campaign with a planned 20 chapters and 6 gaidens!
  • A WIP postgame that’ll test your skills! (or your ability to grind, I won’t judge)
  • 34 characters pulling from across the Fire Emblem series, plus some surprises!
  • A rich support log that grants way too much humanity to this wacky cast.
  • Tons of secrets and references!
  • A unique reclassing system!
  • Redone statcaps- this isn’t inflation, but it’s also not GBA anymore.
  • A diverse soundtrack featuring both F2U and custom music!
  • Much more!

Made by Retina

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