Epic Boss Fighter
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Epic Boss Fighter

“Epic Boss Fighter” is a thrilling shooter game where you take on the role of the planet’s last defender against a series of brutal alien invasions. Each level challenges you with waves of formidable enemies leading up to a colossal boss battle that tests your reflexes and strategic planning.

Gameplay Overview: As Earth’s lone hero, you are tasked with confronting 10 monstrous alien bosses, each with unique attack patterns and abilities. Starting with minimal capabilities, your character seems outmatched, but through perseverance and strategic upgrades, you become a formidable force capable of saving the world.

Progressive Difficulty: The game intensifies with each level as enemy tactics evolve and become more aggressive. This requires you to continuously adapt your strategy and refine your skills. The battlefield is fraught with hazards, including dangerous voids and a barrage of enemy projectiles, making agility and quick thinking essential.

Upgrade System: The coins collected from defeated enemies are crucial for progress. They can be used to purchase a wide array of upgrades that enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities. Upgrades include increased health, stronger weapons, and special abilities that provide a tactical edge in battle.

Engaging Mechanics: “Epic Boss Fighter” combines simple, intuitive controls with deep gameplay mechanics. The challenge of dodging attacks and strategically managing upgrades provides a satisfying and addictive experience. Each boss fight is a puzzle, with victory requiring you to learn and exploit the boss’s weaknesses.


  • The Evil Weevil
  • Panzer Ultra
  • The Eye
  • Mr. Spike Anderson
  • E.T
  • Machinery O.P
  • The Rock
  • Gigabot
  • War Contraption
  • Mr. Blob

Epic Boss Fighter is browser flash game made by EntertainmentForge and released on 5th March 2014. Now it is playable again thanks to Ruffle.rs

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