Eaglercraft (Minecraft Online)
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Eaglercraft (Minecraft Online)

Eaglercraft is an online platform that allows players to experience an older version (1.8) of Minecraft directly through their web browsers. Minecraft, a game centered around breaking and placing blocks, has evolved significantly from its origins. Initially, players built structures to protect themselves from nocturnal monsters. Over time, the game expanded as players collaborated to construct imaginative and complex creations.

Minecraft is not just about building; it offers adventures with friends, watching sunrises over blocky oceans, and exploring diverse environments. Players can venture into The Nether, a daunting realm filled with formidable creatures, or explore a whimsical land of mushrooms, depending on their preferences.

Eaglercraft brings this versatile gaming experience to the browser using an Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiled voxel game engine inspired by Minecraft. It utilizes TeaVM and LAX1DUDE’s OpenGL emulator to effectively run a Java virtual machine compatible with web browsers. This allows Minecraft fans to enjoy the game’s classic version without the need for separate software installation, providing a convenient and accessible way to play.

Ported by lax1dude. You get see the Source code on Github.

List of Multiplayer Server Addresses.

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