Dog Life Simulator
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Dog Life Simulator

Step into the paws of a playful pup in “Dog Life Simulator,” a narrative-driven game where you experience life through the eyes of a dog. Your journey starts as a newly adopted puppy in a loving human family, and every choice you make influences your story and ultimate fate.

In this game, you’re not just any pet; you’re a companion with decisions that affect your happiness and the adventures you embark on. From deciding to be well-behaved by peeing outside to choosing to play with other dogs or protect your home, every action has consequences. You can even make mischief if you like, but remember, your choices could lead you to heaven or set you on a less angelic path.

Throughout your doggy life, you’ll have opportunities to learn new tricks, explore the town on walks, or enjoy sunny days at the beach. “Dog Life Simulator” offers a unique perspective on the bonds between humans and their furry friends and the impact a pet can have on its world.

Available for play on, this fun dog simulation game invites you to earn your place in doggy heaven—or learn lessons the hard way. Will you be the perfect pet or a playful troublemaker? The choice is yours in “Dog Life Simulator.”


Dog Life Simulator is developed by BoomBit.

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