CS GO Surf – Bhop and Surf CS GO!
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CS GO Surf – Bhop and Surf CS GO!

CS GO Surf is a 3D platformer that is CS GO themed, where your goal is to get to the portal without falling off.

Improve your skills in CS GO bhop and surf modes and become a professional! Jump, perform amazing stunts and master the art of bunny hopping and surfing.

In CS GO Surf – Bhop and Surf CS GO, you can equip various knives like karambit, butterfly knife, m9, and more, just like in Standoff and CS:GO. Start playing now and explore numerous maps in Bhop and Surf modes with eye-catching neon graphics.

Compete with others, earn high ratings and become the fastest bhop pro and surfer master. Check out the game store for purchasing cool skins and open cases to get the best knives and gloves.

Features of CS GO Surf

  • Multiple parkour levels
  • Various skins, including karambit, butterfly knife, and more
  • A case simulator, similar to Standoff and CS
  • Become a bhop pro and take part in player ratings
  • Realistic bhop and surf physics
  • User-friendly controls for precise jumps and to help you become a CS GO bhop master!

Just Have Fun!