Cell to Singularity: Evolution
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Cell to Singularity: Evolution

Embark on an epic journey of evolution in this cosmic clicker game. Start from the primordial soup over 4.5 billion years ago and witness the rise of life on Earth. Each click earns you Entropy, unlocking the next chapter in evolution’s story, from the extinction of dinosaurs to the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Explore future possibilities and the technological singularity. Enjoy countless hours of addictive gameplay, beautiful 3D habitats, and an epic classical soundtrack. Upgrade life from a single-cell organism to a space-faring civilization, and explore the science of life on Earth and beyond.

Cell to Singularity is an engaging idle game that takes players through the journey of evolution, human civilization, and technological advancement. Starting as a single-cell organism, you progress through the tree of life, upgrading biology, intellect, and technology to create a thriving civilization on the brink of a technological singularity.


  • Addictive Evolution Gameplay: Simple clicker mechanics guide you through life’s evolution and technological milestones.
  • Space Exploration: Experience stunning artistic interpretations of data from the Webb Telescope.
  • Life Form Creation: Develop diverse organisms from prokaryotes to complex humans.
  • Historical Milestones: Discover key events like the discovery of fire and the Industrial Revolution, leading to futuristic chapters.
  • Extensive Tech Tree: Climb through a vast, scientifically accurate tech tree representing evolutionary milestones.
  • Beautiful 3D Habitats: View the evolution in detailed 3D environments, unlocking animals like fish, lizards, mammals, monkeys, and even dinosaurs.
  • Future Evolution Speculation: Explore speculative science fiction, pondering the role of AI and machines in humanity’s future.

From humble beginnings as a single-cell organism, players unlock various life forms and evolve their civilization by gathering entropy. Each upgrade brings you closer to building a civilization capable of achieving technological singularity. With an expansive tech tree, beautifully rendered 3D habitats, and thought-provoking speculative scenarios, Cell to Singularity offers a comprehensive and captivating exploration of life’s evolution on Earth and beyond. Will your civilization survive and thrive in the next phase of evolution? Only time will tell.

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