Burgers vs Pineapples
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Burgers vs Pineapples

In the exhilarating game “Burgers vs Pineapples,” you’re thrust into a wild arena where animated burgers have one mission: to eliminate all pineapples. As a seasoned shooter, your task is to navigate through this endless battlefield, proving your sharpshooting skills against a relentless wave of burger foes determined to wreak havoc.

Experience the thrill of dodging and weaving through enemies while maintaining impeccable aim to defend the brave pineapples. With each group of 10 opponents you successfully defeat, you’ll unlock new, more powerful weapons, enhancing your ability to dominate the arena. Keep a close eye on your life bar; your survival depends on keeping it fully charged.

Ready for a challenge that’s as absurd as it is thrilling? Dive into “Burgers vs Pineapples” and show the world that pineapples can indeed put up a fierce fight. Whether you’re looking to pass the time with a bit of humor or hone your shooting skills, this game promises non-stop action and fun. Join the battle now at kbhgames.com and enjoy a truly unique gaming experience!


Burgers vs Pineapples is developed by justaliendev.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD = move
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = iron sight
  • Left-shift = run
  • C = crouch