Bullet Force
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Bullet Force

“Bullet Force” is an exhilarating online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) that thrusts players into high-octane battles on various tactical maps. Offering both live and offline gameplay, Bullet Force allows up to 20 players to engage in combat simultaneously, wielding a diverse arsenal that includes the M4A1, Colt 45, M67 grenades, AWP sniper rifle, and many other weapons. The game caters to a broad range of FPS enthusiasts with its inclusion of classic game modes like Team Death Match (TDM), Free-For-All (FFA), Conquest, and Gun Game.

Players can jump right into the action with the quick play option or take a more tailored approach by setting up custom games. In custom games, you can define everything from the game mode and maximum number of players to weapon restrictions and acceptable ping limits, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

“Bullet Force” also features extensive customization options for both weapons and characters. Players can choose from over 100 camouflage patterns and numerous attachments such as optics and laser sights to enhance their weapons. Character customization extends beyond aesthetics, including performance-boosting perks and killstreaks that can give players a competitive edge during battles.

Whether you’re testing your sharpshooting skills against live opponents or practicing tactics against bots, “Bullet Force” offers a dynamic and immersive FPS experience. It’s a platform where quick reactions and strategic planning are key to dominating the battlefield.


Bullet Force is developed by Blayze Games.

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How to Play:

W,A,S,D: move
Spacebar: jump
Mouse: shoot
Shift: run
P: pause game
Enter: respawn
G: throw a grenade
E: pick up a gun
F: use a knife
R: reload your weapon
C: crouch
2: change your weapon
Arrow keys for killstreaks
Tab key for the score

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