Brain It On
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Brain It On

ngage your brain with fascinating physics puzzles!

Brain It On presents a collection of physics-based challenges where players must draw shapes to conquer each puzzle. These mind-teasing puzzles demand creativity to find optimal solutions.

◆ Tackle dozens of brain-teasing physics puzzles!
◆ Compete for the coveted Brain It On crown against your friends!
◆ Discover multiple ways to solve each puzzle—can you uncover the best solution?

With numerous challenging levels, the game is crafted to assess your logical thinking and problem-solving prowess. Each level introduces a unique puzzle, tasking you with drawing or manipulating objects to achieve specific objectives.

Brain It On delivers an intellectually stimulating experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Brace yourself to test your cognitive skills and unravel the challenges of this addictive physics puzzle game.

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