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Embark on an exciting online gaming adventure with Bloxd(io), where you’ll be greeted by charming Minecraft-inspired graphics and a variety of captivating game modes. Whether you’re in the mood for parkour challenges, sandbox creativity, or intense combat, has got you covered.


  • Explore captivating voxelated worlds right from your web browser, all for free.
  • Engage in different game modes, each offering unique objectives and gameplay experiences.
  • Earn gold as you achieve milestones and utilize it to unlock exciting items in the in-game store.
  • Join forces with your friends and engage in thrilling multiplayer matches.

Game Modes:

  • Survival: Test your skills in a PvP-enabled sandbox environment, where you have the freedom to explore an infinite open world. Be aware that there is no specific objective to beat in this mode.
  • Peaceful: Enjoy a peaceful sandbox experience where PvP is disabled and crafting swords is not possible. Take your time to freely explore the infinite open world and unleash your creativity.
  • Creative: Unleash your imagination in this creative mode, where you can build incredible pixel arts and more. Explore the vast open world and express your creativity without limitations. Please note that inappropriate pixel arts and builds cannot be removed by Arthur.
  • Bedwars: Team up with others in an intense PvP minigame. Battle it out on sky islands, protecting your bed while attempting to destroy your opponents’ beds to prevent them from respawning. Strategic teamwork is key to claiming victory.
  • Greenville: Experience the virtual world of work and opportunity. In this game mode, you’ll have to earn a living by engaging in various activities such as mining, farming, and participating in battles. Accumulate wealth to buy houses and explore the bustling market.
  • EvilTower: Brace yourself for a challenging adventure in a randomly generated tower. Navigate through treacherous floors without any checkpoints. Earn power-ups as you ascend, but beware of dangerous blocks that can set you back. Prepare for a mind-bending experience with disappearing and reappearing blocks.
  • BloxdHop: Test your parkour skills in this exciting sub-gamemode. Take on challenging maps and strive to reach the finish line. Stand on gold block checkpoints to earn power-ups and rewards.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the diverse and thrilling world of,

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How to Play:

  • Controls

    • WASD to move
    • Shift or double-tap W to run
    • C, Z, \, or Caps Lock to crouch
    • T or Enter to chat
    • B to open shop
    • / to start command
  • Commands

    • /rtv – not a fan of this map? Vote to skip it!
    • /players – see the current players in your lobby
    • /xp – See your level and XP
    • /played – See how much time you’ve spent having tons of fun
    • /nobuffs – Play through the maps without any buffs to place on a separate leaderboard!
  • DoodleCube Controls

    • Place blocks: right mouse button
    • Destroy placed blocks: left mouse button
    • Switch blocks: number keys or mouse middle button