Bloons TD 6 – Scratch Edition
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Bloons TD 6 – Scratch Edition

The “Bloons TD 6 Scratch Edition” is an inventive remake of the popular “Bloons TD 6” game by NinjaWiki, recreated using the MIT Scratch platform by a creator known as CooLeviX. This version carries over all the balloon-popping excitement and strategic depth of the original game, adapted into a format that is accessible and engaging for Scratch users.

In this Scratch edition, players can look forward to the same rich gameplay experience, which involves deploying a variety of defensive units to pop waves of balloons that attempt to navigate through the map. Each level presents unique challenges and requires players to think critically and plan their placement of monkeys and defensive tools to keep the balloons at bay.

Your main objective is to strategically place monkeys, weapons, and tools along the path to intercept and pop the balloons. Each successful defense will require careful planning and quick adjustments as different types of balloons may require specific strategies to defeat. Be vigilant and ensure that no balloon makes it past your defenses, as letting even one escape will result in a loss.


From the outset, “Bloons TD 6” offers an extensive array of maps, each with unique layouts and strategic possibilities. Available maps include:

  • Monkey Meadows
  • Park Path
  • Town Center
  • Tree Stump
  • In the Loop
  • Downstream
  • Resort
  • Logs
  • End of the Road
  • Scrapyard
  • Kartsndarts
  • Vortex’s Sky Fortress
  • Bloonasarius Lair
  • Quincy’s House
  • Quad
  • Geared
  • Main Street
  • Covered Garden
  • Slots


The game features several modes, including the intensely challenging Lynch mode and the Sandbox mode, where you can experiment by creating your own maps. For those new to the series or looking to ease into the challenges, you can start by selecting one of the five available difficulty levels, each offering a different cash prize for overcoming the balloons:

  • Easy (50)
  • Medium (100)
  • Hard (200)
  • Impoppable (350)
  • Chimps (800)

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