Blind Fooled: Gumball
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Blind Fooled: Gumball

Gumball and Darwin are up to some silly fun in a game where they race while wearing blindfolds. But Anais, their smart sister, sees that they’re headed straight for trouble! She decides to help them out by moving things around to keep them safe, like making paths with boxes and avoiding sharp stuff.

In this game, Gumball and Darwin have to dodge obstacles and not fall from too high up. So, Anais uses her whistle to tell them when to move and when to stop. One box helps them climb higher, but two boxes block their way.

This is super handy to avoid Carmen, who’s not so friendly. There’s also a smelly sock that can make the boys change direction, and springs that let them jump really high. If they have to fall from a tall place, the laundry basket can save them. Masami and Alan can help them move around in tricky spots, but be careful with the dog – you can use a dog bone or boxes to stop it.

Rainbows pop up in every level and give you lots of points. If you want to get a gold star, you have to finish a level in under a hundred seconds and collect all the rainbows. If you don’t, you’ll get a silver or bronze star. If the timer runs out or if Carmen, the dogs, or falling gets the boys, you’ll have to try again. To win a level, Gumball and Darwin need to bump into each other. It’s a fun adventure!

Game game in this flash game was made in 2012. Now playable on the modern web browser. thanks to


Watch the show on the Cartoon Network TV channel.

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How to Play:

  • To move left and right: A/S, or left and right arrows
  • To jump: up arrow, or the “W” key
  • To pick up objects: down arrow
  • To blow whistle: space