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Get ready for a thrilling ride with Birdmo in a vibrant side-scrolling adventure! This game, made by Oroshibu, features beautiful and intricate pixel art graphics that bring the world and its challenges to life. As you take to the skies, test your reflexes by dodging an array of dangerous obstacles, collecting delicious fruits, and soaring to new heights to achieve your goals.

In Birdmo, each level offers a unique and exciting adventure, ensuring no two flights are the same. Feel the breeze as you flap Birdmo’s wings, climbing higher with each effort. This game isn’t just about reaching new heights; it’s about experiencing a delightful journey and pushing yourself to surpass all previous score records.

Are you ready to demonstrate your skills and claim the top spot? Dive into Birdmo’s colorful world, and good luck on your high-flying quest!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Bird controls :Space
  • Jump/Flap your little wings (you can also walljump!)
  • WASD/Arrows :Move
  • Esc : Pause