Battle of the Maycraft Ragdolls
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Battle of the Maycraft Ragdolls

Battle of the Maycraft Ragdolls offers a dynamic and engaging combat experience where you step into the arena as a ragdoll character armed with unconventional weapons. This game captures the thrill of ragdoll physics in various combative encounters, making each duel unpredictable and entertaining.

Game Experience:

Set across a myriad of diverse locations, “Battle of the Maycraft Ragdolls” allows you to engage in battles using a range of unique weapons like scissors or sledgehammers. Each location adds a fresh backdrop to the duels, enhancing the visual excitement and strategic complexity of the game. Whether you’re fighting in an urban sprawl or a desolate wasteland, the game keeps the environments interesting and varied.

Game Modes:

The game offers three distinct modes, each tailored to different styles of play:

  • Single Player Mode: Here, you battle against AI-controlled stickmen. The scene changes with every fight, providing a continuously evolving challenge that keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging. Your goal is simple: defeat your opponent before they defeat you.
  • 2 Player Mode: This mode turns the game into a social experience, allowing two players to duel on the same device. Each player uses a virtual joystick displayed on opposite sides of the screen to control their ragdoll and attempt to outmaneuver and defeat each other.
  • Survival Mode: For those who enjoy endless challenges, survival mode pits you against waves of stickmen. The objective is to defeat as many opponents as possible, testing your endurance and skill in increasingly difficult encounters.

Controls and Gameplay:

The controls are intentionally straightforward to keep the focus on action. On mobile devices, you control your ragdoll with a virtual joystick located on the right side of the screen. There are no separate action or attack buttons; instead, your character automatically attacks in the direction you move the joystick. This simplified control scheme makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels, while still demanding strategic positioning and quick reflexes.


Battle of the Maycraft Ragdolls is developed by GMD.

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