Archer Ragdoll Masters
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Archer Ragdoll Masters

“Archer Ragdoll Masters” is an engaging stickman archery game that incorporates ragdoll physics for dynamic and challenging gameplay. As players, you’ll take on the role of an archer tasked with defeating waves of enemy stickmen using precise bow-and-arrow shots. The game continues with endless combat, where each successful hit on an enemy or bonus item enhances your archer’s capabilities.

Gameplay Dynamics:

  • Engage in Continuous Combat: Start by lining up your shot and unleash your arrow to bring down the opposing stickmen. As you progress, enemies become tougher, and strategic shooting becomes essential.
  • Collect Power-ups: Throughout your battles, shoot at bonus items that appear on the screen. These bonuses grant health boosts, arrow enhancements, and other perks to help you stay longer in the game.

Economic System and Upgrades:

  • Earn Gold: Your prowess in battle earns you gold, with additional bonuses provided through achieving specific milestones within 30 unique achievements.
  • Shop for Gear: Use your accumulated gold to purchase new bows and helmets. Each bow comes with distinct powers, altering the dynamics of your attack, while helmets increase your health, allowing you to withstand more hits.

In “Archer Ragdoll Masters,” every session is a test of your accuracy and quick decision-making skills, as you attempt to master the art of stickman archery, equip your character for battle, and rise up the ranks to claim the top spot in this fiercely competitive game.


Archer Ragdoll Masters is developed by TempoPlay.

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